Simplicity in design, the fastener naturally reduce the assembly process. The channel lock slides firmly inside the keyhole slot. Assembly is simple without loose extra hardware. Every product we have converted to Lockdowel shows a significant increase in assembly time by as much as 60%.

To eliminate the glue requirement when constructing a wardrobe or closets with no visible fasteners and comparable strength, we designed the interference of the barb geometry and keyhole slot to perfection. Together, each Channel Lock joint provides over 100 lbs of pull force and once assembled, no fasteners are visible. Without glue, products can be disassembled for flat shipping, rework, or replacement.

Improved Quality and Fewer Returns

The Lockdowel Channel Lock fastening system guarantees fasteners are positioned correctly every time because precision holes and routes are pre-drilled via CNC equipment. Products built with Lockdowel hardware have been independent laboratory tested and meet all ANSI/BIFMA test standards. There is significantly less labor content, so the potential for manmade assembly error and returns is minimized

Reduce Assembly Labor Costs

Eliminate messy glue and dowels, screws and staples, and reduce assembly hours 60% or more. Lockdowel fasteners simply snap into routed slots so no tools are needed and assembly is quick and easy. Calculate your own labor cost savings from switching to Lockdowel by using this.

After assembly Lockdowel fasteners are invisible so there is no more end panel cover up. Each Lockdowel fastener creates a tight joint and a finished look.

Easy Disassembly and Reuse

The Lockdowel Channel Lock fastening system is designed with disassembly in mind. Simply slide parts out of the routed slots and reassemble them elsewhere as needed.

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